The Practical Escapist

The Practical Escapist is an online collection of creative writing, travel blogging, cooking, retreats, and more. The world is viewed through magical glasses--the mundane is nonexistent, replaced, instead, by an approach that enhances and celebrates the every day. 

The Practical Escapist is how I experience the world, put into words.

Before, I kept my focus on my freelancing and professional career, but now I realize that my true strength lies as a creative director, an artist. I am still a professional, but on a different level—hopefully a warmer, more inviting, less sterile one.

K. M. Cooper

Hello! I'm K. M. Cooper--my friends all call me Katie--and I'm a creative director specializing in creative writing, cooking, comics, and art. I am an extremely amateur photographer and all photos on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. I am a Pisces Sun/Libra Moon/Aquarius Ascendant, so escapism, finding a balance between creativity and practicality, and doing things a little differently are my specialties. 

Why 'the Practical Escapist'?

I used to keep my various online presences separate, with different usernames and different themes. I decided that, like most things, these separate entities would be stronger together, and I amalgamated them. The Practical Escapist is now everything under one online roof. Escapism is very fun, but not always practical--or is it? The Practical Escapist serves to bring meaning, reflection, and use to escapist tendencies of all kinds.